About me~

A small (for now :>) streamer

who streams many kinds of games

Sadly em broke so not much cool games :<

Welcome! I am Aryuuko

pronounced as "Ari-yu-ko"

I am a pure Filipino and is 22 years old (its 2022)!


Letter: "A" ryuuko...

Color: Guess what.. its "White"

Food: Fast..

Stream Sched:

GMT +3, Usually around 6am to 3pm

(Got classes in 4 to 7pm ;-;)

Games Genres I mostly play:

Free ones! (FPS & MMORPG)

But I do try other games as well!

So far a lot of roblox cuz again... em broke :<

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Vids for some catch up in Youtube!

My discord server~

I also accept Donations!


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