Indigo Education Group

Founded in 2011 Indigo Education Group is the premier education group specializing in Junior College (JC) and Secondary Integrated Programme (IP) and Express tuition. They have a team of dynamic educators who provide proper guidance and support to each student.

Tuition Centre for JC, O Level & IP in Singapore

Best Tuition Centre for JC, O Level & IP Singapore

Best Teachers for JC in Singapore

Lower Secondary English Tuition Centre

Primary Mathematics Tuition

Primary Science Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre for Secondary Students

Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition for O’ level Students

IP Tuitions Centre in Singapore

English Tuition for IP Students

Integrated Programme English Tuition

Secondary IP Math Tuition in Singapore

Secondary IP Science Tuition in Singapore

JC Tuition Centre in Singapore

JC General Paper Tuition Centre

JC Economics Tuition Centre

A Level Math Tuition in Singapore

Free Trial Class by Indigo Education Group

H2/H1 Chemistry Tuition for JC & O’Level Students

Upper Secondary Express English Tuition Singapore

O Level Pure Chemistry Tuition

IP Chemistry Tuition

H1 & H2 Geography tuition in Singapore


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