Israel Anuoluwa Opadeyi® Naijayoungbillionaire™


WHO AM I ???

A Creative Digital Media Expert, SEO Specialist, Sales Strategist, Copywriter and Social Media Consultant with over 2 years of experience.

I show You how to use your Smartphone to increase Visibility, get more Clients, Increase Sales and retain more Customers through Search engine, Salesfunnel, Digital media (Graphics, Animation, Video...), Social media and Content marketing.

I also train You on Relevant, Cash Generating Digital Skills required in the 21st Century (2021).

My passion involves; learning and implementing new creative, innovative, automated, easy to use I.C.T related solutions.

My Unique Value-driven Services and Solutions include, but are not limited to;

1.. Professional Services:

I Create Interactive and Result-driven Graphics, Whiteboard Videos, 3d Animation.

I help individuals/brands/businesses appear on top and dominate major Search Engines - SEO (Organic Growth)

I do Social Media Branding, Automation and Marketing for individuals/brands/businesses to reach/retain more Clients

I Show and Create Cash-Spitting Salesfunnel plus Email Marketing Branded-Customized, Automated Salesfunnel and Emails...

2.. For Smart Biz Solutions (SCOB Method©):

I show you how to use your Smartphone to get more customers and increase sales using these three (3) steps below;

Step 1: (Research) Based on the Niche/Sector your business/brand, I will show you my simple but effective way to discover the problems of people (in that Niche/Sector) and create/position your Product, Service as the Solution they need.

Step 2: (Content Creation) This is my Big Secret. I will teach how to create irresistible and interactive content that grabs attention of anyone, connect with their emotions and gives them peace to take action.

Step 3: (Sales Process) I will show you Step-by-step process to creating a Profitable Salesfunnel that makes people keep buying your Products or Services (Offer).

Bonus Step: (Search Engine Optimization) I will show you Step-by-step how to appear Top on and Dominate Search Engines (Search for my name on

Secret Bonus: (Financial Trading) I show you how to make $10 daily using your Smartphone, Simple Strategy and Internet Connection...

...Kindly Chat Me Up Now for more info.


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