A Short Introduction

Dr. Jennifer NW Lim

Currently a Senior Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Wolverhampton, I teach on the undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programmes. Also in my role, I lead the MPH Online provision which runs on a carousel approach with six intakes per academic calendar. I have 10 years of curriculum development experience and an extensive research portfolio, having work on a variety of research projects over the last 20 years.

My research has been focusing on 3 interlinked strands: 1) inequitable access to care and health services, 2) behavioural change through co-designed, culturally appropriate intervention to address public health issues such as eye conditions, cancer, dementia, and maternal and child health, and 3) sustainability.

My latest research is the first project bringing together the Chinese communities in 5 cities (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol) to learn about dementia and brain health (see link below). Other projects that I am working on are (1) to explore the development of a novel approach (Dashboard) to present perinatal health data for minority ethnic communities in the Leicester, Rutland, and the wider Leicestershire region, (2) research participation of Black people in dementia research, and (3) development of culturally appropriate interventions.

Previously, I have led many research projects and significantly, I initiated and co-ordinated a multi-centre, international research project to understand help seeking behaviour for breast cancer in Singapore, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)(2011-2014) which led to appointments as Adjunct Professor in a number of prestigious universities.

More information about myself can be found on my profile at the University (link below).

If you would like to know more about my work, I look forward to your email :)

Culturally appropriate Think Brain Health

Urban Ecology and Human Health (e-book)

My profile at the University


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