With MiMi you get the following as standard:

1. A unique profile handle that you choose
2. A profile image, video and heading
3. Profile text with a generous character limit
4. Link icons, scheduling & analytics
5. Background themes so your MiMi link is as unique as You...You!


Once you create your MiMi Link, here are a few ways you can use it:

As a social media profile bio link - so your friends and followers can find you on different channels
As a business calling card - share your MiMi Link with your clients and direct them to your contact details, web page, testimonials, and anything else about your business
As an email signature - keep it neat and direct people to your contact details, links and more.
As a summary of your links - at the end of a presentation, direct people to your sources and references using your easy to remember MiMi Link.





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