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Welcome To POWERNAP Whether you need to catch a quick nap, or get to sleep at night, all you need to do is listen! I set out to solve a business problem—the fact that I would wind up with a product that helps others is a side-benefit. It all began about ten years ago now. My successful network technology company, Acendex,was on the list of the fastest growing businesses in Ohio. I had a young and ambitious staff and due to our over-abundance of opportunity, they kept terrible hours. Frequently the guys would be out until 1 or 2:00 in the morning working on a new server installation, then they would be expected to return to their desks and be ready to take care of clients at 8:00 the following morning. Needless to say, they were tired. Unfortunately for me, in order to stay awake and keep up with their schedules, some of the guys turned to over-the-counter (and some not so over-the-counter) stimulants. These concoctions did keep them alert, but also caused them to be belligerent and rude, which was not good for business. This was my problem.

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