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Author of #1 New Release, “Run Your Own Race”

Forbes, BrandingMag, Oracle, Black Enterprise

Sidney Evans is a strategist that works with companies, founders and revenue-generating

startups. He is a speaker, thought leader and expert on personal branding, leadership and

communications. He has been published and referenced in Forbes, Branding Mag, Oracle

Marketing Cloud, Black Enterprise Magazine and American Express Open Forum. He is a

Forbes Coaches Council member. Also, he has mentored young entrepreneurs around the

globe including for Start-Up Weekend in Stockholm powered by Google for entrepreneurs.

Evans is an international speaker and host, presenting his research on the most effective

techniques for companies and individuals to build powerful brands by developing clear

messaging and implementing sound, robust strategy. Most recently, he co-hosted and delivered

his speech, “Building a Powerful Personal Brand” at the Brand Summit conference in Cairo,

Egypt. In addition, he was host of the Rebels & Rulers conference for Branding Mag in

Bucharest, Romania.

He is the creator and moderator of the "C-Suite” interview series for Branding Mag where as

moderator he has interviewed over thirty of the world’s top branding leaders. He was also as

one of the keynote speakers for the "Personal Branding Day" conference that was broadcast

internationally from Poland. Evans’ first book on personal branding, “Run Your Race: 12 Steps

to Building a Powerful Personal Brand”, was the #1 New Release in Business Consulting on

Amazon and is available on Audible.

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